Dr. Terry Simpson

Weight Loss Surgeon

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About Dr. Terry Simpson

Terry Simpson was always interested in biology ever since he was a young boy. Biology is a vague term though and even when he knew it was what he wanted to study, he was not sure exactly what career route it would take him down.

The moment Terry Simpson realized which career route he wanted to go down was an epic revelation. He always wanted to help people, especially Native Alaskans, part of his background.

At the University of Chicago, Terry was becoming bored of biology and the mundane routine it involved realizing that analyzing samples of plants and other matter, he was not having a direct influence on people.

Knowing that there was no time to waste, Terry looked into studying medicine. The following year he enrolled in the Pritzker School of Medicine. Throughout the initial years of study, he was conscious of the plight the Native Alaskans were falling into. The influx of western food into the area was leading to obesity rates going through the roof.

Upon graduation, Terry began working as a surgeon. Although the work was rewarding, he could only help a certain number of patients a day. While helping improve lives was great, it was not on the scale he wanted. A turning point in his career came when he asked a patient what they were eating. Soon after he came up with a plan to help people improve there lifestyles with the greater picture of being able to do so on a larger scale.

Since this revelation, Terry Simpson has influenced tens of thousands of people. It all started when he decided the field of biology was his best fit. It took some trial and error, but Terry is glad that he eventually found his ‘calling’ and continues to thrive as he spreads his message to the world.